I strive to be continuously making art. 

So when I'm not drawing or making tattoos I like to paint.  All of my paintings are either watercolor/liquid acrylic or oils.  The majority of my watercolor paintings tend to be tattoo related, either as flash sheets or bigger pieces that fall more in line with my tattoo imagery.  My oil paintings, on the other hand, are generally a step away from the tattoo mindset for me.  For me, they are the perfect painting medium to explore painting just for the sake of exploring art.  

0002-JPG-LG.jpg Monkey.jpg Moth06.jpg Moth05.jpg Moth04.jpg Moth03.jpg Moth02.jpg Moth01.jpg Hammerhead.jpg birdSkull.jpg Flash-Sheet-03.jpg Flash-Sheet-05.jpg Flash-Sheet-04.jpg Flash-Sheet-02.jpg Flash-Sheet-01.jpg Ewok.jpg ReaperGirl.jpg